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The following are our current and recent catalogues:

Chinese and Japanese Art, Southeast Asian Art, Indian Art,
General Works 1-134
Islamic Art 135-166
Chinese, Japanese, Islamic, Indian, Tibetan, Korean, Asian Art 167-534
Additions, October 2012 535-550
Additions, February-March 2013 Inc. Sales Cats. 551-598
Additions, Sept.-Dec. 2013 Inc. Sales Cats., Dealers' Cats., etc. 599-772
Additions, Dec. 2013: Asian Art, Sales Catalogues 773-797
Additions, January /February 2014: 798-831
Additions, April 2014: 832-942
Additions, June-July 2014: 943-963
Additions, Fall-Winter 2014 964-1044
Additions, April 2015 1044-1067
Additions, June 2015 1068-1077


Revised June 2015
Monographs 1-389
Drawings and Prints 390 - 540
Art & Architecture, Sculpture and Painting 541 - 970
Medieval Arts (Before 1500), Inc. Ill. Mss. 971 - 1086
Private Collections, Including Many Auction Sales 1087 -1201

Illuminated Manuscripts etc
Illuminated Manuscripts etc.: 1-225
Sale Catalogues: 226-382
Addenda 383-513

Ancient Art & Archaeology
Classical Greek, Roman, Etruscan Art 1 -119
Ancient Egyptian Art, Art of the Near East 120-201
Ancient Art Part I, All Areas 202-245
Ancient Art Part II, All Areas 246-388
General 389
Recent Acquisitions, Sept. 2012 393 - 419
New Acquisitions, Jan.-Feb. 2013 420 - 480
New Additions, April 2014 481 - 491
New Additions, Fall 2014 492 - 503
New Additions, March 2015 504 - 514

Pre-Columbian Art, Native American Art - List 256
Pre-Columbian Art, Native American Art 1-60
African Art, Tribal Art 61-85

French Art & Architecture
Monographs & Exhibition Catalogues, 1-652
Painting, Applied Art, Sculpture, Furniture etc., 653-1036
French Drawings, Engravings, Prints, Graphic Arts, 1037-1220
Art & Architecture, Medieval - Early Renaissance, 1221-1306

Recent Acquisitions Fall 2014
Monographs, Exhibition Catalogues 1-228
Dutch and Flemish Art and German Art 229-248
Spanish, Portuguese Art 249-278
French Art 279-323
Italian Art 324-415
19th & 20th C. Art 416-427
Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque Art, General Topics 428-609

Recent Acquisitions June 2015
Monographs 1-127
French Art 128-166
British Art 167-171
Italian Art 172-268
Northern European, German Art 269-288
Spanish Art 289-300
Medieval & Renaissance Art 301-341
General Works 342-382




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